A Dedicated Life to CISV

There is but one person who knows all about CISV Philippine’s roots, growth, and all around ins and outs and she is none other than, Alice Sarmiento, affectionately known as “Tita Alice” to countless CISVers. She has had more than 33 years in the organisation and although beyond, retiring age, Tita Alice remains dedication to CISV.

It all started back in 1980 when she joined CISV’s ranks as a bookkeeper. Tita Alice grew up in Bohol, a graduate of Commerce and majored in Accounting. She was one of five of the original office staffers of CISV Philippines. Her job aside from bookkeeping was to clerical and accounting chores, but stayed even as her other colleagues had moved on from the organisation. Through the years, she has garnered the experience and knowledge to know how to deal with any challenges that arise. Whether it may be a question about visas, proper protocols to follow, the history of the different chapters (and the people involved), local activities, international activities that involve CISV Philippines, programmes that we host and go to, and keeping track of all the delegations that get sent abroad, Tita Alice is the one person you can ask. Over the years, she has become a constant presence in CISV Philippines and the forefront of the organisation. She arranges for the needs of the delegates, acts as a surrogate parent as necessary, and is the one constant communication not only with the officers, but the delegates as well.

As if a testament with her history with CISV, the bulletin board in the CISV Philippines is full of the photos and postcard either sent or left for her. After three decades of her career life having been dedicated to CSIV, Tita Alice, has met a plethora of people, continuously developing new and lasting friendships. She has not only dedicated her life to CISV, but has embraced and embodied the CISV ideals and spirit in her own everyday life.