The Bacolod Chapter

The Birth of CISV Bacolod
CISV took its roots in the Philippine soil through the friendship that was established by Doris Allen and Estefania Aldaba Lim – a Filipino civic-leader who tapped the Girl Scouts of the Philippines through the leadership of Rosalinda Lopez.
With the establishment of CISV Philippines, Tita Linda invited her friends and Bob Montelibano of Bacolod City became one of the incorporators of CISV.
Through Tito Bob’s vision of bringing together children from Bacolod to learn peace through friendship, CISV Bacolod was established in 1962. Through his leadership and the support coming from prominent families from Bacolod City & the province of Negros Occidental, CISV Bacolod became a household name.

A Family Affair
CISV Bacolod as an organization then was considered as a “family affair”.
“Family oriented in the sense that most of us were good friends or were related to each other. We were very small then…” Ping Dreyfus-Cepeda, Adult Leader 1974
“It was a family thing where everybody almost knew everyone else. The organization would recruit teachers as Adult Leaders because they would know these teachers of their children whether from St. Scholastica, La Salle, Hua Ming (St. John’s Institute) or others….” Irene Gaston, Adult Leader 1971

The Village Programme
Many people from Bacolod and Negros Occidental were touched of how a simple project was able to touch the hearts and minds of the delegates and the adults as well.
“CISV was a good avenue for her (my daughter) to be independent… she was able to think on her own, make decisions, she started to display very good leadership skills.” Dr. Andrea Torre, CISV parent

Being Relevant to the Community
The start of the new millennium paved the way for CISV Bacolod to open its arms to other programmes with the ultimate purpose of giving back to the humble community it belongs:
Camp Halo-Halo, an art camp, gave the Negrense kids the opportunity to explore their creative side. Selected kids from an orphanage were made to participate as well. The proceeds of the art camp were donated to children with cancer.
Camp Pachamama and the annual Marine Camp promote environmental awareness and genuine concern for Mother Nature.
The annual Peace One Day Celebration together with the Peace Clinic enforces CISV Bacolod’s commitment to further peace education.
The dream of empowering young leaders brought about the installation of the leadership camp called Step Up.
Suntown Camp is a mosaic programme that is annually conducted to bring hope and joy to children with cancer and other chronic illness.

CISV Bacolod was able to realise the goals of providing a range of activities that develop cultural understanding, respect for cultural differences and develop self-awareness.

In 2012, CISV Bacolod celebrated its 50th Anniversary by organising a Reunion for all CISVers and their families dubbed “50 Years of Living to Love” that renewed their commitment to take on an active role in the chapter.