1.How do I Join CISV?

Have you found a programme that’s right for you? Or maybe you’re thinking of getting involved in the Junior Branch or as a JC or leader? Get in touch with us at cisv_philippines@yahoo.com so we can redirect you to a local chapter!

2.Do I have to pay to join?

Costs vary depending on the programme and destination of your child. As a non-profit organisation, we try as best as we can to keep fees as low as possible, but because a lot of programmes involve travel, international programmes are more expensive as it includes visa fees and plane tickets. There are also fees applicable for Junior Counselors and Adult Leaders. For a more detailed estimate of costs you may email us.

3.How do you keep my child safe?

We understand how daunting it is to send your kid abroad for up to a month, CISV International has comprehensive child protection policy and procedures, which is reviewed and updated regularly. All children below 16 year of age must travel with an Adult Leader aged over 21. We follow international and local legislation with regard to protection procedures. All staff and Adult Leaders undergo child protection, risk management, and leadership training to prepare them to keep your child safe.

4.What kind of standards do you have for your staff and leaders?

All staff and leaders are selected locally, but are trained and selected to international CISV standards. They are carefully screened via personal interviews and police-checked in line with national procedures and international standards. Host families are carefully screened as well and are usually CISV members.

5.I have more questions, who can I talk to?

Any questions not addressed above may be emailed to cisv_philippines@yahoo.com. We would love to hear from you!