CISV International is a global organisation of volunteers and participants dedicated to peace education through cross-cultural friendship. Through friendship, cooperation, and understanding at a grassroots level, we believe long lasting peace is possible and attainable.

That means in CISV we learn about the importance of creating friendships with all people from all over the globe and how we can achieve peace and bring about positive change in our world today.

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CISV QC Is Cooking Up Only The Good Stuff For You

Last year was a great time for CISV QC Chapter, but we know 2016 will be even better!

We’ve got a new set of Board of Directors, led by our new Chapter President Tito Bobit Manzano. Want to know who the other Board Members are? Visit our CISV Facebook Group

We’ve also got a whole lot of international and local programs in store for you. We’re still looking for Village, Step Up, and Youth Meeting delegates. If you need more info on these programs, click on this link.

This is our first news for the year, but it definitely won’t be the last. We hope to send you more relevant updates in the coming months! Sign up for our mailing list here: mailing list link

Thanks and have a great year ahead!


the CISV QC Chapter Board

Cross Cultural Leadership Conference

Calling all CISV professionals, organisational leaders and, corporate leaders ! Join the PACE Foundation’s Cross Cultural Leadership Conference in Bali on 27-30 April 2017. Learn from PACE’s (Peace and Cross Cultural Education Foundation) international speakers, and enhance your network from other leaders and professionals in different sectors in Asia Pacific.

The Junior Branch's Big Plans for 2017

The Junior Branch is shaking things up for 2017!

The Junior Branch’s activities keep CISVers of all ages active within the organization after village or in between programmes. This time around, the JBs are committed to creating not just fun activities, but activities that are relevant to their communities. They to create activities where social issues are tackled so that CISVers can apply what they’ve learned at camp or in other CISV programmes. They also want to create a stronger bond between all the Junior Branches in the different local chapters. They plan to do this by possibly having crossover events or collaborative projects between chapters. By maintaining good communication between the JBs across chapters, they hope to support each other’s events, learn from each other’s strengths, and achieve goals together.
Stay tuned for more from the Junior Branch and their activities! Follow them on Facebook and Twitter

Our Stories Update

Get to know more about CISV experiences! Read about this Adult Leader’s experience in village and how it’s changed her. Here!

Announcements from Manila Chapter

For those interested in Manila Chapter’s Village Programmes please contact:
Joy Adarme at or +639178339933 or Celine Tanjuatco at or +639175358103

For those intrested in becoming an adult leader please contact:
Celine Tanjuatco at or +639175358103