There are other ways to get involved in CISV aside from joining a programme. CISV is a global organisation led by volunteers of all ages. You can volunteer to help run a chapter, help run an international or local programme, join a junior branch, or help with local initiatives.

Being a delegate or participant

CISV has many educational programs for people of all ages. You’ll be sure to find one that’s a right fit for you! Visit the Programmes Page for a more detailed description of the programmes CISV has to offer as well as the current destinations available this year.

Being an Adult Leader

(age 21+)
Adult Leaders are needed to accompany participants to different CISV programs. Namely, Village, Interchange, Step Up, and Youth Meeting. Depending on the need of the programme, adult leaders assume different roles. In village, they will do all the planning and organising for the duration of the camp, for programmes like Step Up; they may take more of a supporting role to the participants. Adult Leaders ensure the safety and protection of their delegates, having undergone a comprehensive orientation and training from CISV.

Being a Junior Counsellor

(ages 16-17)
Junior Counsellors or JC’s go to village to fulfil leadership roles and become the support system to the adult leaders and staff at villages. They are part of the planning process and are given certain responsibilities like being the bridge of communication between the leaders, staff, and children. They are an important part of making sure each village is fun and educational for the delegates.

Joining the Junior Branch

(ages 12-25)
You can be part of the Junior Branch and be a JB’er whether or not you have prior CISV experience. It is in joining the Junior Branch (JB) that you can hone and develop intercultural and leadership skills through organising and taking part in educational and social activities locally.

For more information on how you can get involved, visit our contact page or email: