No matter what age, CISV has opportunities for you to participate and volunteer. Below you will see the educational programmes that CISV has to offer.


(age 11)
Village is a 28 – day program for 11-year olds. Each delegation is comprised of 2 boys and 2 girls with an *Adult Leader. They will travel to a residential camp comprised of 10-12 delegations from 10-12 countries. In this 4-week program, delegates will participate in a variety of educational, cultural, and most of all fun activities. The camp is coordinated by an adult staff and supported by *Junior Counsellors.

*Find out more about being an Adult Leader or a Junior Counsellor at the JOIN Page.


(age 12-15)
Interchange is a two-way family exchange program for 12 to 15 year olds. This 14 – 28 day exchange program happens in two phases. The first phase is delegates go to visit a country and are hosted by a family there then in the second phase, the delegates’ families host a delegate from the country they visited in return. With interchange, the whole family gets to be part of the experience and delegates are able to really immerse themselves in the local culture making friends and being part of the local community.

Step Up

(age 14-15)
Step Up is a 23 – day program for 14 to 15 year olds. A delegation is made up of 2 boys and 2 girls and an adult leader. In this program, delegates assume leadership and organisational roles. The delegates with the help of adult leaders plan and organise peace education activities that centre around a theme. In this camp they will be encouraged to form their own opinions about international and inter-cultural issues and will also be exposed to others’ opinions. But just as importantly, they will have fun while learning.

Seminar Camp

(age 17-18)
Seminar camp is a themed camp that lasts between 1-3 weeks for 17 to 18 year olds with up to 30 international participants. In this intensive and personally challenging program, delegates not only have the opportunity to learn and discuss important world issues with peers from other countries, gaining various insights and perspectives, but they will also be able to have fun and make life long friends.

Youth Meeting

(age 12-19+)
Youth Meeting is a camp-based programme that lasts either 8 or 15 days. Participants below 16 will travel with an adult leader in this programme. Participants of similar ages come together to explore and exchange views on themes that affect us all individually, regionally, and globally. In this programme, the youth are also encouraged to think about how they can apply the things they have learned at camp in their local community projects.

International People’s Project

(age 19+)
International People’s Project (IPP) is program that is run in partnership with local organisations to benefit a local community. Volunteers of about 25 participants from at least 4 different countries come together to work on a community project. This program gives one an opportunity to learn new skills, making lasting friendships, and make a difference in a community that needs it.


(all ages)
The Mosaic program is a local chapter based program. It is planned and delivered by a chapter using a CISV approach. It may be a one time event of even a continuous year-long event that is usually done in partnership with a local organisation to benefit a local community. The Mosaic program is a great way to get involved for any individual who wants to take part in making a positive change.


Mini camps are locally organised camps usually organised by the Junior Branch (JB’ers). Each camp is different with a different theme. Usually done twice in a year, one in the summer in May to June and one in the semestral break at the end of October. It is in Mini camps that kids can get a taste for what CISV has to offer for them, it is here that they become more open to new experiences. Mini camps have various age groups and run for at most a week.