What CISV Has Done for Me

By: Chino Jayme

They say that a CISV Leader is there to hold on to five passports and a lot of money. He or she is there to make sure the kids don’t get lost, don’t get hurt. They say that becoming a CISV Staffer or “staffie” only means working behind the scene, making sure that everything runs smoothly in camp.
These thoughts are true only for those who have never really experienced being a CISV Adult Leader or Camp Staff. Because CISV inspires you to do so much more than the above. What did CISV do for me?
It opened my mind so that I may realise how different yet alike you are to me and I to you.
It opened my hands so that I may hold the hand of others. Not just during flag up or down, but even through the times of stress and sickness, especially homesickness.
It opened my eyes so that I may see people’s different points of view, that way isn’t the only way, that possibilities are infinite, just as John Lennon states, “The more I see, the less I know for sure.”
It opened my mouth so that I may say the things that need to be said.
It opened my ears so that I may listen to what others have to say. Global understanding and unity only happens when we all seek to understand first before seeking to be understood.
It opened my heart so that I may love everyone no matter who they are, how they speak, or where they come from.
It opened my spirit so that I may shout a little louder, dance a little crazier, smile a little wider, laugh a little harder, jump a little higher, run a little faster, think a little sharper, eat a little healthier.
These are what CISV has done for me.

(This article was written by Chino Jayme and was first published in the 50th Anniversary Book of CISV Philippines)